In all of the interventions run by Ikhumiseng the methodology is based on Ikhumiseng’s overarching approach to learning which is summarized by the Confucius saying: “Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, let me experience and I will understand”

Our Methodology

Ikhumiseng’s approach is highly interactive and developed to create and support behaviour change in the participants’ lives. The flexibility of our experiential-based, interactive approach ensures that the workshops are suitable for all levels of participants. All of the training modules developed are based on group learning which ensure that participants are involved in every aspect of the learning. Ikhumiseng has conducted workshops with very diverse complex participant profiles all in the same classroom, with participants including differences in literacy, gender, age, belief systems, race, language groups and educational levels, with very positive evaluations by participants. Since many participants come to the course with a wealth of experience in the area of personal finances, both negative and positive, this approach ensures self-reflection and group reflection providing opportunities to learn at many different levels. A variety of learning methodologies are used including the use of board games, role plays, worksheets, card games and discussion.
Rags Poppleton

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